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Why Raila Will be President in 2022

ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga: Photo Courtesy

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party has lauded earlier claims by COTU Secretary General Hon. Francis Atwoli and Jubilee vice Chair Person David Murathe that Raila is a suitable choice to become Kenya president.

However, the ODM party leader Raila Odinga has denied once more that his current relationship with the president is part of the 2022 political plans. Mr. Odinga went further to claim that he is not ready to speak about 2022 politics.

While touring Kisumu this afternoon August 14, 2020, the Former Prime minister assured residents that their main objective with his “brother” President Uhuru Kenyatta is to foster national unity and have nothing to do with personal interests.

Mr. Odinga further claimed that he had agreed with President Uhuru to avoid 2022 politics talks until the next electioneering period. 

“For now, he (the president) and I are focusing on building this nation and fixing where we went wrong. I am committed to addressing the current problems facing us as a nation.” Mr. Odinga said while in Kisumu this Friday.

He was responding to a comment in which he was asked to clarify whether the earlier claims made by David Murathe are true.

Mr. Raila Odinga has enjoyed a good relationship with the presidents and his key associates such as David Murathe since 2018 after the handshake.

According to Murathe, there is no other politician in Kenya with leadership experience as Raila Odinga. He further claimed that the president’s party Jubilee is willing and ready to take whatever it will require to ensure that the Right Hon. Raila Odinga becomes president in 2022.

In a post shared by the Star in the social media, the Jubilee vice-chairperson, Mr. Murather had also claimed that supporting Raila’s presidency is litigious as it aimed at settling a historical debt between Luo and Kikuyu communities.

Raila’s father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga had helped the president’s father Jomo Kenyatta to become the first president of Kenya. Besides, Mr. Odinga was a vital player in returning the presidency to central Kenya the 2002 by supporting Kibaki’s presidency.

Murathe depended on the “debt” fallacy to claim that central Kenya is ready to support Raila’s presidency.

His claim coincided with Oburu Odinga’s, Raila Odinga’s elder brothers that the Raila is now enjoying the full support of the “system” and will become president in 2022. 

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