While Chatting with Friends at a Bus Park, a Man Collapses and Passes Away.

The man who has been identified as Roy Onyango, aka Ngala, and who worked as a loader at the bustling bus terminal, collapsed as he was conversing with his coworkers.

It was too late to rush him to the hospital, according to Ochieng Omwa, a manager at the Kisumu bus park.

“Ngala was a very jovial in the morning and was talking with his fellow loaders when this suddenly happened leaving everyone in disbelief,” Omwa told Wananchi Reporting.

Before being taken to the closest hospital, the victim reportedly had already ceased breathing.

The body was transferred to the mortuary while an investigation into the circumstances of his untimely demise was conducted after police personnel at the bus park police station were notified.

“We have already informed his immediate family members of the incident and where his body is lying,” Omwa said.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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