Whatsapp privacy policy: “Goodbye Whatsapp, Hello Telegram”

Whatsapp is currently facing a huge drop in the numbers of its users following its update to its privacy policy. Recently, it confirmed to its users that Whatsapp privacy policy will not interfere with end-to-end encryption.

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Whatsapp has been faced with backlash from many netizens including its users following an update to its policy. However, many were never pleased after they sold their platform to Facebook since Facebook has a bad reputation of interfering with one’s privacy.

Additionally, memes were doing rounds on Twitter of how Facebook CEP, Mark Zuckerburg, will buy the Telegram platform that users are running to. But Telegram, in its defense said it is not planning to sell its app hence new users are welcome and can enjoy their privacy while interacting.

Meanwhile, Whatsapp made effort to explain to its millions of users that its privacy when it comes to chats is still encrypted. In its post as seen by HELLO NEWS, they say that their application offers 100 per cent protection to private messages with end-to-end encryption.

“We believe that keeping these records (messaging and calling) for two billion users would be both a privacy and security risk and we don’t do it. We don’t share your contact lists with other apps Facebook offers. We use group membership to deliver messages and to protect our service from spam and abuses,” they clarified.

They furthermore explained to their users that they can set their messages to disappear for an additional privacy. Also, they clarified that one can download data and see what information they have on one’s account within the app.

Even though they explained their new privacy policy, netizens did not hesitate to show their disappointment in how the app is managed.

Here’s what a few netizens had to say:

@amandafarias118 says:

“Goodbye Whatsapp and Hello Telegram”

@edward_martinez27 says:

“Telegram the Best”

@drummer_guy_rudray says:

“This post is the best joke of 2021”

@jesmejia14 says:

“Also them: By liking this post you allow us to break into your house and take everything for business purposes”

What do you think?

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