Wajir: Chief’s head found after kidnap by Al Shabaab

Wajir police and residents were left disturbed after a group of suspected Al Shabaab militants beheaded Wajir’s chief. His head was found in Gumarey sub-location within the local area.

Al Shaabab’s behead a chief in Wajir

The chief, Omar Aden was kidnapped last week from Gumerey in Wajir East.

In accordance to statements made by the security officers in the area, the Al Shabaab invaded the area. They afterward ordered the residents to switch their mobile phones off. He added that the residents got lectured but did not reveal what they were lectured about.

His head was found at around 10am by the herders between Khorof Harar and Konton.

However, according to police reports, the body is yet to be found.

In addition, the police report states that Aden’s body had been beheaded at a different location from the one the head was placed. The disturbing scene was also photographed and the head is yet to be taken to the Referral Hospital mortuary in Wajir.

The subarea of Khorof Kharar is among the hotspots of Al Shabaab attacks since it is close to the Kenya Somalia border.

However, there had been a drop in attacks since the outbreak of Covid-19 after travel was restricted.

Al Shaabab attacks

Al Shaabab is known to cause shed of innocent blood wherever they go. In Kenya, there have been a number of attacks that left hundreds of innocent souls dead.

They have attacked the Westgate mall, the Dusit D2 just to mention a few, these incidents left several dead while many were also left injured.

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