Wajesus family: Kabi denies siring ‘Abby’ with cousin

Wajesus family are currently is an ongoing paternity scandal following claims that he sired a child with his cousin before meeting his wife, Milly.

The couple, Kabi and Milly Wajesus

Kabi and Milly decided to clear the rumors stating that those are nothing but lies and that Abby is his seven-year-old niece.

However, pictures were released that shows him in company of a lady and a child and certificates from a Lawyer showing relation between the two was released. Currently, netizens are left in between not knowing who is telling the truth or who is lying.

Following the release of the hot gossip about the Wajesus family, the video on You tube that they aired to explain their side of the story, Milly broke down in tears. She could not believe the extent that people could go to break other people’s marriages.

Kabi, in his part, explained that the posted pictures are of him and his aunt’s daughter. In addition, he said that the internet trolls went ahead to post a picture of the baby when she got home from the hospital.

Earlier, Kabi explained that he received a message on WhatsApp telling him he has a daughter and should pay Ksh100, 000 as school fees. Consequently, he asked his lawyer to verify the information only to find that it was untrue.

The couple accordingly decided to withdraw from posting photos of their family members to avoid issues later on in their celebrity life.

Meanwhile, netizens will not let them stay in peace as they continue to demand for answers considering the current drama.

Here’s what a few had to say on their social media page:

@dennis_k_mungai says:

“Whenever I see the word ‘Jesus’ I know it’s a con job. We are all humans, we have our flaws. Stop hiding in religion and hustling gullible people.”

@mummdogo says:

“How I loved this couple kumbe ni Bure kabisa….”

@kym_kareywoods says:

“Aki hata husikii aibu.”

@grace.shiku.332 says:

“Sema kimeumana.”

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