Wajackoyah’s Look- alike Talks About Meeting Him and How Justina Wamae Was Perplexed

Gordon Owino’s striking resemblance to Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has made him a sensation online.

It is challenging for him to go in public without drawing attention due to his eyeglasses, his distinctive Durag tied on his head the Wajackoyah fashion, and his grey-colored beard.

In a conversation with Ben Kirui of Citizen Digital, the man expressed his happiness at finally meeting his doppelgänger.

“It was a big surprise for Wajackoyah. When I went to meet him, he was really exited and laughed sarcastically. He was in stitches,” Gordon said. 

Gordon noted that at one point, his running mate Justina Wamae was unable to distinguish between him and Wajakoyah.

He claimed that while he was hiding, she addressed him as the politician.

 “Professor was hiding somewhere and Hon Justina started addressing me as if I was Wajackoyah, she was shocked to realise I was not Wajackoyah.”

Wajackoyah was shown hugging Gordon in a previously popular video before giving him a large sum of money and a gold-plated watch.

“It is true he gifted me a watch and said it was an expensive one and that he rarely gives such gifts to anyone because he likes collecting watches from different countries,” he told Ben Kirui.

Gordon expressed his unwavering support for Wajackoyah and his conviction that his ideology is realizable.

“I subscribe to his ideas, growing bhang for commercial purposes and rearing snakes are good ideas. Let us do snake farming, sell its skin and venom. I totally agree with Professor Wajackoyah unlike other aspirants,” Gordon said. 

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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