Wajackoyah: I’ll Free Everyone Imprisoned for Possession of Marijuana and Pay Them Ksh.1M

George Wajackoyah, the presidential candidate for the Roots Party, has now vowed that if elected in August, he will release all convicts convicted of bhang-related offenses.

Speaking to locals in Mombasa on Saturday as he sought support for his candidacy, Wajackoyah—who had previously promised to legalize marijuana—said the State would release and recompense prisoners facing similar charges.

“When I’m sworn in, all those who have been arrested and jailed over bhang possession, I will release all of them and go with them to State House,” he said.

“Everyone who would be freed on that day will be given Ksh.1 million and asked for forgiveness for being arrested under punitive foreign laws imposed in our Parliament.”

The presidential candidate, whose controversial platform has been making headlines, further pledged to defend the rights of police personnel, whom he said he will respect under his administration.

Wajackoyah promised that his administration will foster a positive relationship between citizens and the police to ensure that no one is over having marijuana in reference to the predicament of the police department in terms of underpayment.

“Kwa muda mrefu imekuwa ni kitu kidogo askari…ile siku ya mwisho kupewa mshahara ilikuwa ni siku ya Kibaki. Lazima tuwe na uhusiano mzuri na askari maanake hakuna askari atashika mtu aliye na bangi wakati ambao nitakuwa nimeapishwa,” Wajackoyah said.

The leader of the Roots Party unveiled his 10-point platform on Thursday, promising to address controversial problems including exporting dog meat, legalizing bhang, introducing snake farming, and fighting corruption in the name of reducing debt and boosting the economy.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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