Vera Sidika: Unatoanga nguvu za kuvaa net ya kitungu wapi, fans react

Vera Sidika, the most famous Kenyan socialite has left fans shocked after she had earlier on made a post on her Instagram page.

Photo courtesy: Vera Sidika

The recently married Sidika uploaded a photo of herself in an exposing photo that exposing most of her behind. In the photo, Vera Sidika is wearing a bra, a fish net and a silver-like boot as spotted by HELLO NEWS.

Most of the fans are enraged considering she is currently married to the musician, Brown Mauzo.

A few of her fans tell her to respect herself while others remind her that she is married.

Here’s what a few of her fans had to say:

Timoh_laniz254 says “Unatoanga wapi nguvu za kuvaa net ya kitungu wapi”

Bobomuco says “Is she not married???”

Mosse_j254 says “Bibi ya mtu kweli”

Trizaahh_nyokabi says “Inanichoke inaniaffect

What do you think?

Written by Hello News

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