University students protest over fee increment

University students are protesting over the recent fee increment in their institutions. Police had a hard time yesterday trying to contain the situation as University of Nairobi students protested. The government plans to triple the tuition fees for students.

University of Nairobi Students protest over plan to increase tuition fees. Photo courtesy

The Cabinet Secretary for education admits that tripling fees from Sh16, 000 to Sh48, 000 is causing tension. In addition, he says that this decision will not be executed unless stakeholders are consulted.

The student leaders have given the government one week to let go of the matter or they will opt to unspecified means to achieving justice.

However, during the protests, police threw teargas canisters at the group of students who had blocked the University Way.

Additionally, student leaders say this decision is nothing but an insult to families. They also say that the plan to triple tuition fees has come at a bad time when most of their parents are jobless.

Similarly, Public University managers are saying the institutions are broke but the cost of doing research and teaching continues to rise.

Although learners have not yet been consulted, the President of University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA), Eddy Mwendwa, says the issue affects them directly. Mwendwa states that the decision is ill-advised and cannot be allowed.

Joshua Kibor, the Kenya University Students Association Secretary-General, accuses the ministry of being involved in the scheme. He also says the ministry and parliament should dismiss the proposal.

Likewise, the UNSA legal affairs head, Justice Juku, says the government has money to fund the BBI but it cannot facilitate education.

George Magoha, in addition, says that the country is suffering economically and increasing university fees would be too much burden for parents. Magoha says the matter came from the parliament but the executive has not examined its execution.

Tension among students is continuing to rise since announcement of the fee increment plan, Magoha says.

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