United States Election: Tension rise from states

United States election has everyone on the edge, with every continent keenly following the election results. The Republicans and Democrats are yet to know who will take the presidency; leaving both parties anxious to know the final result.

The United States Election racers; Joe Biden(left) and Donald Trump(right)

Donald Trump, the president, has taken to Twitter claiming there is fraud associated with the elections. He has as well caused commotion between the republicans and the democrats. Some of the republicans have started protesting saying the Pennsylvania elections should stop. Likewise, some are protesting in the claims of all votes should be counted.

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With the anxiety of the United States election rising, violence within states is becoming tense as they await the results. This is consequently resulting in a spike in Covid-19 cases, which has been a concern for the past few months.

Trump is attempting in filing lawsuits to stop counting the votes in Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. However, he does not have any evidence to back up his claims.

Joe Biden is currently leading and he is hopeful and confident he will win the presidential seat. He encourages his people to be patient and wait for the polls to end and an announcement be made officially.

As tension continues to rise the big question is whether Trump will give the seat to Biden without a fight. And will the republicans accept the results if Trump loses to Biden. Some of the states are yet to be done counting, while there are chances of a vote recount in some of the states.

After his declaration of winning the election on Wednesday, Trump caused a rage among the democrat voters. He wrote on Twitter about fraud on matters the United States elections. Some of his Tweets were deleted by Twitter due to claims of false news.

The current election is proving to cause a divide between states rather than unity. Americans have been urged to show togetherness and stop violence. Furthermore, they have been encouraged to wait patiently as every vote will be counted.

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