Uhuru Tells Woman In Light Moment During Nakuru Visit

After getting a heartfelt praise from an unidentified woman in Nakuru, President Uhuru Kenyatta was left blushing.

The Head of State’s speech was briefly cut short on Wednesday during the official opening of the Nakuru Railway Station when a woman in the audience exclaimed, “We love you.”

“You can be employed there, over 25,000 young men and women will be gainfully employed from this county,” Uhuru had said before his speech was interrupted with ‘love flowing in the air’.

President Uhuru replied, “I love you too,” to the audience’s laughter. The president himself sent love back to the woman and was left giggling and blushing.

In addition to the humorous incident, another woman who had been vying for the Head of State’s attention for a while eventually succeeded.

Susan Wamboi told Uhuru that she wanted to meet him and asked him to help her with her company financing and school expenses.

Uhuru also promoted Raila Odinga, a presidential contender for Azimio la Umoja, claiming he would bring Kenyans together and bring about peace, during his trip of Nakuru County.

Uhuru claimed that being given the responsibility of leading the country requires maturity, in a poorly veiled jab at his deputy William Ruto.

“Hawa wengine ni wetu lakini inakaa they need time ya kutulia, kuwacha matusi, kuwacha spidi mingi na kujua ya kwamba kazi na ukweli inashinda matusi na chuki,” President Uhuru said.

“Let them stay like that for now, there is still time, and there is no problem.”

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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