Uhuru: Ruto is Spreading Falsehoods on Campaign Trail

William Ruto was pointed out by President Uhuru Kenyatta for promoting lies and misinformation during his campaigns, notably in relation to the port problem.

The clearly irritated President, who did not identify his deputy, claimed that the UDA presidential candidate’s criticism of the Jubilee administration’s development efforts and handshake represented the “height of political dishonesty.”

Hakuna kitu kibaya kama siasa ya udanganyifu…siasa ya madharau (There is nothing as bad as politics of deceit),” he remarked.

He defended the decision to establish the Inland Container Depot (ICD), among other development projects that his deputy had criticized, in his 13 minutes of impromptu remarks. The President said that those in Mombasa were not harmed by the ICD project.

“As a matter of fact, no single person has lost his or her job owing to the construction of the ICD in Naivasha, instead business has grown tenfold in the coastal town,” said the Head of State.

“Wengine wanasema wajinga wameisha Kenya ilhali wanatuongelesha kama wajinga (Some are saying there is a shortage of fools in Kenya but they are talking to us like we are idiots),” he said.

“He is lying to Kenyans and he is in this government…is that honesty?” he posed, calling on leaders to stop political haughtiness while looking for votes.

Another special economic zone would be established in the Ndogo Kundu neighborhood of Mombasa, according to Mr. Kenyatta, who also noted that the project is currently underway.

The Turkish Industrial Holding Complex will be built in the 1,000-acre Naivasha Special Economic Zone, which was formally established by the head of state.

The 400-acre project, which will be known as Turkish Industry Zone, will house six facilities that produce goods for the building, forestry, furniture, and cleaning industries. The Sh90 billion project is scheduled to begin operations in 2024 and is anticipated to boost the Kenyan economy by an estimated Sh 63 billion (530 million US dollars) and add 2,860 direct jobs.

In Suswa, Narok County, he also gave the go-ahead for the Sh1 billion Naivasha Industrial Park Water Project.

The President also oversaw the opening of the Kenya Railways’ Mai Mahiu Station’s SGR-MGR passenger rail link.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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