Uhuru addresses the Nation

The President, Uhuru Kenyatta, addressed the Nation on matters of the Covid-19 due to an increased number of the virus. Being the 38th day since the Covid-19 measures were eased, Kenya has had a spike in the cases. Schools have had cases of Coronavirus whereas containment facilities have had full bed capacities of patients with the virus.  

The President, Uhuru Kenyatta, addressing the Nation on the current situation concerning Covid-19

The bed occupancy in health facilities has gone up by 140% from 60% during the 38-day period. This is a four times increase according to statistics. Kenya is currently facing what can be termed as second wave of the pandemic.

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This has therefore led Uhuru to put forward measures to help in easing the spread of the virus. The measures include:

  1. Learning in schools will continue in accordance to the calendar that had been released. Examinations will as well go on as planned. The school institutions will strictly follow the health safety measures. Furthermore, other basic learning classes will resume learning in January 2021.
  2. To encourage the State in preparing towards the reopening of all other classes in the learning institutions. Members of the Parliament have been urged to take part in their respective NG-CDF Boards in gearing towards reopening. Investments are to be made in hand washing points, general sanitation and face masks.
  3. Extension of the nationwide curfew up to 3rd January 2021.
  4. The curfew will henceforth begin tonight 4th November 2020 and will start at 10pm and end at 4am
  5. All political gatherings and rallies have been suspended for an added period of 60 days with an immediate effect. Any meeting should be held in town halls and must also adhere to the Covid-19 rules.
  6. In accordance to the curfew put forth; all bars, restaurants and other establishments that are open to the public are expected to close at 9pm.
  7. All State and Public Officers aged 58 years and above or persons whose immunity is compromised, are to work remotely. Those that work in critical sectors have been exempted from this recommendation.
  8. The Ministry of Interior should constitute a Special Enforcement Unit that comprises the National Police Service, National Government Administration Officers and supplemented by the County Government. This unit is expected to enforce the compliance of the Covid-19 protocols.
  9. All operators of Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Eateries and establishments that sell alcohol in retail or wholesale are to ensure they put forth necessary measures that comply with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines and protocols.
  10. All Cabinet Secretaries, Chief Administrative Secretaries and Principal Secretaries are expected to scale-down all the in-person engagements within the government.
  11. The County governments and other relevant government agencies are to enhance and enforce public health measures strictly and;
  12. Enhance civic responsibility. Services will not be rendered to citizens who do not abide by the Ministry of Health protocols. In regard, a sign will be expected in front of all public sectors with the signage, No mask, No service” “Bila barakoa, hakuna huduma.”
  13. County governments are expected to maintain isolation facilities.
  14. In counties that will have an upsurge of the virus, the National government will turn to the affected county to issue a localized lockdown and movement restriction.
  15. Religious gatherings will remain unchanged; any indoor gathering other than a wedding or funeral purpose will have no more than one-third of its usual seating capacity.

The President expects that recommendations put forth by the State will be adhered to as addressed.

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