Uasin Gishu: Hunt for teacher planting cannabis

Police officers are in the hunt for a teacher planting cannabis in Soy. The cannabis plants were found in her homestead by the police and she is yet to present herself to court.

The police had been tipped off by one of the residents and during the raid, about 100 bhang plants were found. Likewise, a number of materials used to roll the drug were also found at the homestead. The cannabis plant was grown along with kales in the garden at the homestead.

Simultaneously, the police could not find the teacher at her home area. However, the police have been able to trace her whereabouts and is said to be in Busia County. This is according to Fanuel Nasio the Soy sub-county Police Commander.

Mr. Nasio states that the plants have been thriving in her homestead where she lives with some of her workers. He adds that the cannabis have been planted in a place where no one expects a banned substance to be grown.

In accordance to the statement made by the police, one of the teacher’s sons is being detained at the police station in Soy. He is currently assisting the police in investigation.

The police are yet to know whether she was selling bhang to residents since rolling materials had been located at her homestead.

According to Nasio, there is a high rate of school-going teenagers dealing with drugs and most especially smoking bhang. The police are on the lookout for areas that are planting cannabis and people selling bhang.

The cannabis plants at the teacher’s homestead have been uprooted whereas the bhang rolling materials have been taken. These items will be used in court as evidence.

Additionally, the teacher planting cannabis is expected to present herself to court before the police go out for her.

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