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“Twitter niliondoka huko nikaona hiyo kitu ni bure, ni matusi tu,” Uhuru says

Uhuru says he has left social media after seeing its ‘useless’ and full of insults. During the BBI launch, Uhuru states why his accounts got deactivated on March last year.

Uhuru would rather sleep at home and make stories with wife than engage in Twitter

The President says he prefers to interrelate with fellow leaders and politicians face to face. He additionally says that he does not follow their online sentiments.

According to his statement at the launch, he says he would rather sleep and make stories with his wife than endure the insults. He also says Twitter is “useless’ and full of insults.

Uhuru was among the most followed leaders in Africa with over 3 million followers.

Even though he has left Twitter, citizens believe he left due to corruption cases and claims. Nzioka Waita, State House Chief of Staff, had earlier stated that deactivating his official social media accounts is a required measure that had to be done.

Kenyans on social media are still uncertain as to what he meant by his last Tweet which mainly talked mainly of corruption. In his Tweet, he says corrupt people will be dealt with and he will not be clouded by race or his position. He also said that he will champion for the unity of Kenya.

Some citizens assume the Tweet was aimed at the Deputy President, William Ruto.

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