Trump: Requests for ‘election defense’ donations

Trump has denied the final election results that saw Joe Biden revealed as the 46th President. He therefore established PAC leadership which will help influence Republican politics after he leaves office.

Donald Trump

According to Tim Murtaugh, a campaign spokesman, the President had a plan on creating PAC. He adds that PAC will combat voter fraud and support candidates. Sources say that Trump’s team has begun raising funds for the PAC.

He plans on funding committees like ‘Save America’ and his own political activities. He can give out the money to preferred candidates in the midterm elections and beyond.

The PAC leadership accepts donations of up to $5,000 from individual donor a year. Also, they accept cash from other political action committees. PAC does not limit politicians from using donors’ funds for their personal expense. The leadership is more relaxed in comparison to others.

His campaign has constantly bombarded supporters with emails since election night in the hope of raising funds.

Trump claims money being donated will be used to challenge the Joe Biden win. However, Paul Ryan, vice president for policy and litigation at Common Cause, states that he’s keeping the money for his own political future.

Subsequent to the results, Trump is repeatedly airing his allegations of voter fraud. Even though some of his inner circle is advising him to accept defeat, Trump is still in denial.

Likewise, some of the Republicans are yet to acknowledge Joe Biden as the President-elect. Some of the Senates are agreeing that Trump has authority to look into allegations of irregularities.

Trump’s administration has declined signing off on a key document that will see the transition process begin. As well as giving Biden grant to the resources he requires to begin office in January.

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