True love: 7-year-old boy saves baby sister from burning home

7-year-old boy, Eli, saves baby sister, Erin, after he jumped into her room through the window to rescue her from their burning home.

Eli lives with his parents, Chris and Nicole, and Elijah, his brother, who’s 2-years-old and Erin, his sister, who’s 22-months-old. The four live in New Tazewell, Tennessee.

On the night of the fire, Chris and Nicole tucked their children in bed at around 8:30pm. However, hours later, Nicole woke up to a smoky smell. Within minutes, the home was continuing to be engulfed in flames.

The couple managed to save their two sons Elijah and Eli but their daughter, Erin was trapped in her room. Erin was in her crib at the time the fire started. Her bedroom was surrounded by the blazing fire as it continued to spread in the room.

Chris, their father, tried to get in through her bedroom window but there was nothing around to lift him up. He immediately sought to save Erin through Eli. He picked up Eli and he managed to get through the window. In spite of the fire surrounding the room, Eli managed to grab her sister from her crib.

According to Chris’ statement during his interview with the press, he says the smoke was too thick for him to get in and pick their daughter. However, Eli was brave enough to take on the challenge and save his sister.

Nicole and Chris say tell the press that they are proud of Eli’s action of selflessness. They say that the 7-year-old boy has done something a grown man couldn’t and he did right it in time.

Additionally, Eli told the press that he thought he could not manage to save his sister. He also says that he was scared but he did not want his sister to dies as they watched.

Meanwhile, the firefighters did not manage to reach on time to save the burning house as it was completely engulfed in flames. As morning reached, there was nothing left or saved from the fire.

Chris says that they have lost everything they have ever had after the fire incident. He says that their cars have been damaged in the fire.

Although they have lost everything, a funding project has begun to help and support the family financially during this pandemic.

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