Total Kenya: Blow to KPLC as Total plans to switch all its stations to solar energy

Total Kenya announces plans to switch all its stations to use solar energy. This will be a huge blow to the famous KPLC as solar power will be its main competition. Currently, 107 Total Kenya stations have switched to solar power.

Total Kenya to switch to Solar power system

This revelation comes after other Kenyan companies revealed that they will be shifting to a cheaper source of power like solar energy.

According to their post on Twitter, Total says the 107 stations in Kenya were had an installation of 3390 solar panels. They will progressively install solar powers in 41 more stations by 2021. Additionally, Total says the solar energy system powers pumps, air conditioners, lights, and fridges.

The company notes that using solar power is part of a plan to attain the United Nations development goal of focusing on affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for everyone.

Consequently, KPLC has seen a reduction in power consumption among its main customers who are currently opting to affordable energy. KPLC had earlier released its annual report saying about 54.8% of revenue from industrial users is trending downwards.

Some of the users who have opted to use solar power system are Mombasa International Airport, the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), and Africa Logistics Properties.

Additionally, KenGen plans to end its association with Kenya Power by selling electricity directly to consumers. KenGen is the largest power producers in Kenya as it generates about 75% of electricity in Kenya.

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