Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya

Kenyan web hosting firms offer a vital service that supports the expansion and exposure of businesses in the era of digital marketing.

Web hosting in Kenya is a web-based service that enables you or your business to publish your website or web apps on the internet so that users may see them when they browse the internet.

This act, therefore, makes the files that comprise a website (code, videos, images, etc.) available for viewing online through a web browser.Every online business requires a reliable web hosting provider to host their website on the internet.

If you need a provider that has their servers in Kenya your business gets the advantage of local hosting and proximity which can help in faster page uploads.

These 10 top web hosting companies give everyone from bloggers to business owners the tools and support they need to build a professional, reliable website, at any budget in Kenya.

1.Fbrand Web Hosting

Fbrand Web Hosting’s website is nothing but informative and from thorough research, their clients, which are over 450, are very satisfied with their work. In addition, the company responds quickly to calls and responds professionally to messages. This, therefore, assures a smooth workflow with the company.
Their website,, is defined by creativity, balance and fascination. Orange and blue, which is their theme, brings a sense of calm and enthusiasm.
Enough with the boring talk, let’s talk about how well organized Fbrand Web Hosting is. Well, from the look of their Facebook page, things are quite silent but mind you, the calls and inquiries they get is impressive. People want to see results, therefore heading to the website, you’ll get all the possible information you require.

2.Fun Web Hosting

If you’re looking for a cheap web host that provides top-notch performance and services, Fun Web Hosting is a good choice.
They provide several different types of hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server hosting, LMS hosting, and application hosting for PHP, Node.js, Ecommerce, WordPress, MySQL, Magento, Joomla, and Web Developer.
Use the Cheapest Magento Hosting to launch your online store at a bargain price and in a secure setting.
All hosting packages include free SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth, a 99.99% uptime guarantee, a free domain name, 24/7 customer support, and unlimited SSD storage space. Performance is also increased by 21x. Fun Web Hosting page loads in less time than 1.49 milliseconds.

3. 123 Hosting

123 Hostingis a Nairobi, Kenya-based comprehensive digital consultancy firm that provides domain name registration and web hosting services.
123 Hosting is one of the web hosting businesses in Kenya that will fit your budget and provide high-quality service if you’re seeking for a web hosting package that satisfies your financial requirements.
Cheap can be expensive, and cheap web hosting in Kenya may prove to be costly in the long run. 
For clients that require their websites to be completely custom developed, the business also provides web design in Kenya.

4.Fun Media

Fun Media is a well-known provider of web hosting services in Kenya, and customers have a high level of trust in them.
Their web hosting is more reasonably priced than the industry standard. They cover several topics, including data management and operation. They are known for providing services of the highest possible caliber.
In addition to offering dedicated server hosting, reseller hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and application-based hosting, Fun Media also offers these services (as NodeJs, WordPress, PHP, MYSQL, eCommerce, Web Developer, Joomla, Magento Hosting, etc).
Websites with high traffic levels that require faster loading times should use Fun Media. Because of the assured up-time and ample storage space provided by Fun Media , their website never goes down.
The hosting at Fun Media r stands out from the competition thanks to its dependability, responsiveness, and excellent assistance.
The key benefit Fun Media is its consistent running time.

5. Digital Marketing Kenya

Despite the intense rivalry that currently exists in the industry, Digital Marketing Kenya, a relatively new hosting firm, has quickly ascended to the top ranks among Kenya’s greatest web companies.
Due to their usage of cutting-edge hosting equipment, such as NVMe SSD drives, which are 200% quicker than conventional SSD drives, they can boast of offering cutting-edge services.
You may be guaranteed of receiving top-notch services that let your internet business to flourish when host pinnacle manages the server end of your website.
Digital Marketing Kenya provides efficient customer support services that make sure your concerns are handled right away.
Lastly, it has the most generous affiliate program with commissions of up to Ksh 5,000 per client.

6.Fbrand Web Hosting

Among its many services, Fbrand Web Hosting provides web design, VPS hosting, domain registration, and website hosting.

It offers a wide variety of packages designed to cater to different consumer groups. Prices range from Ksh 2,100 for individuals to Ksh 5,800 for organizations and enterprises annually.

Customers who require more storage can choose from cloud backup packages with monthly costs ranging from Ksh 1,400 to Ksh 23,200.

Through a ticket system, Webhost Kenya provides professional customer support services with a 24-hour response time guarantee.

7.Sasahost Limited

For the past ten years, Sasahost has operated in the Kenyan market.
These company offer domain registration and web hosting services in Kenya.
They are among the oldest hosting firms in Kenya as a result of this.
In addition, they always provide excellent service.

8.Deep Africa Co Ltd

The web hosting and domain name registration business Deep Africa has offices all over the world.
They have offices in Thika, Eldoret, and Nairobi.
Both the websites that provide lower costs, Deep Africa and Hostpoa, are run by Deep Africa.

9.Bitsimba Telecommunications Ltd

Bitsimba is a relatively new business that offers Webhosting and domain registration services to the Kenyan market.
Additionally, they provide the market custom application development.
This is based on the August 2018 Kenic Report. The report details the total number of domain names registered in August 2018.

10.EAC Directory

One of the top web hosting businesses in Kenya for software hosting  is EAC Directory. 
It charges KSh 1160 for hosting for names ending,.biz,.org,.net,
There is a big list, but that is all I had today. Tell us about the top web hosting provider in Kenya by leaving a comment below.


Kenya is a leader in internet innovation. There is no doubt that it has the ability and resources to host compact and reliable internet platforms.
Take your time to examine these Kenyan web hosting businesses to choose which one would best suit your needs if you’re thinking of creating a blog or website for your company.
Be aware, nevertheless, that the majority of Kenyan hosting providers are resellers. Before you think about buying a package, look into the IP location of each provider if you need hosting services with servers in Kenya.
However, the budget-friendly plans offered by Kenyan web hosting businesses are ideal for the majority of the populace.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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