‘This Is A Do-Or-Die Battle For Corruption Cartels,’ Says Raila After Filing Presidential Petition

 Raila Odinga, Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate  claims that corruption cartels have infiltrated the country’s electoral system and he has  forewarned Kenyans that their time is running out.

Odinga claimed that the corruption cartels tainted the recently ended elections, which resulted in electoral malpractices, during a national address at the Kenya International Convention Center (KICC) on Monday.

Odinga claimed that in what he called a “do or die battle,” the presidential petition contesting William Ruto’s win will significantly help in cleaning out the people connected to graft.

“This is a do or die battle for the corruption cartels who have everything to lose should the forces of democracy take over. The corruption cartels have prepared compromise electoral systems, bribe election officials, make security systems look other way. We believe that is what happened in this election,” noted Odinga.

The ODM boss further, in a lightly veiled attack on his rivals, argued that the cartels has been meddling into electoral processes in attempts to sway off election officials and candidates to cower under their commandeering.

“For the sake of the Kenya future, the corrupt network must not only be stopped but also be crashed. This attempted take over of the country in this election has not been an isolated phenomenon,” said Odinga.

“The election cartel has been intruding into our elections by not only financing specific candidates but also threatening candidates and election officials. They have suppressed the participation of voters who support rival political formations.”

Odinga was speaking at the premise moments after filing a presidential petition to challenge president-elect William Ruto’s win in the August 9 polls, which he has since termed as null and void. 

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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