Thirdway Alliance Kicks out Ekuru Aukot as Party Leader

Former Thirdway Alliance Party Leader Dr. Aukut (Center): Photo Courtesy

Ekuru Aukut has been suspended indefinitely as the party leader of Thirdway Alliance Party.

Members of the NEC have been holding a meeting at the party’s recruiters since morning, which has been marked with chaos and diverse opinions about party leadership. Nonetheless, the NEC considered complaints raised against Aukot by party members.

Prior to the meeting, party members had raised various concerns on Aukot’s conduct of business and his leadership at the party. Some of the issues that warranted his suspension included an alleged assault of the deputy party leader Dr. Angela Mwikali, misappropriation of funds and misuse of party resources, self-enrichment, and lack of required party transparency.

Aukot was also accused of violating Chapter Six of the Constitution when he defied a court order in a Children’s case.

 “We cohabited since 2011 and were blessed with the child in August 2017. Our relationship was okay until early 2018 when Aukot deserted us and has refused to take responsibility for the minor while knowing very well that the child needs basic necessities,” the distressed Kikunga said.

Kikunga instituted the suit in February when Senior Resident Magistrate HM Mbatia ordered that she and Aukot go for DNA testing on March 13. The former presidential aspirant was a no show at the centers of DNA testing.

The party’s NEC suspended Aukot indefinitely and barred him from representing or transacting any kind of business on behalf of the party. Aukot has been directed to appear before the party disciplinary committee at a later date to be communicated.

 “Ekuru Aukot shall not represent or transact any business on behalf of the party pending the determination of the matter by the disciplinary committee,” the party through its Secretary-General Fredrick Okango and Chairman Miruru Waweru declared.

Dr. Aukot had championed for the ‘Punguza Mizigo Bill’, calling for changes in the Constitution. However, the bill failed to be endorsed by 24 of 47 counties in October 2019.

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