The State of Coup in Mali: The Detained President Freed

Malian Military Officials Issuing Statement on the Current Coup: Photo Courtesy

Sources suggest that the Malian military will free the detained leaders.

 However, the military will rule the Malian government for three years if the latest report from the military officials is anything to believe.

An ECOWAS source on anonymity said that the detained president would be freed and allowed to return home in Bamako.

“The junta has agreed to free their ousted president on conditions that they are given a three-year transitional rule to review the foundations of the Malian state a  transition that will be directed by a body led by a soldier, who will also be head of state,” a source in the ECOWAS delegation in capital Bamako said.

“The government will predominantly be composed of soldiers,” reads an excerpt from the proposal.

According to the source, Prime Minister Boubou Cisse, who was also detained alongside President Keita, will be moved to a secure residence.

The coup came after several months of protests that demanded the resignation of President Keita. Malians were disappointed with the government due to the country’s brutal Islamist insurgency and a collapsing economy.

Thousands of opposition supporters celebrated the president’s ouster in the streets of Bamako. The junta boasted of playing a crucial to ouster the unsuitable president and the prime minister.

However, Mali’s neighboring countries have called for the reinstatement of Keita. According to members of ECOWAS, reinstating the president would ensure a state of constitutional order.

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