The President warns: NMS Is Here to Stay, Stop Politics in Nairobi Metropolitan Services

Gen Badi

President Uhuru Kenyatta has asked Governor Mike Sonko to stop his fight with Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) and its Director General Mohammed Badi. The president asked Sonko to stop being insecure about Gen Badi and support the NMS to provide services in the city.

“Badi has no interest in being a governor, speaker, or even an MCA. He works for me and when he is done with the assignment in Nairobi he will go back to the military and command what he commands, so I do not want to hear any politics around that,” the Head of State said yesterday.

President Kenyatta said the decision to have NMS manage the city was by mutual consent and that Nairobi was in a deplorable state despite being the most important city in East Africa.

“If you go around the city you will find people living without roads, water, electricity and sewage yet we call Nairobi the richest city in East Africa. People cannot continue living the way they do,” said Uhuru.

 “We agreed on the need to work together and to put aside politics and those who want to bring disputes. Our duty as elected leaders is not to argue and insult each other. Our role is to serve the people and make sure we improve their lives,” he said.

Uhuru said NMS has been mandated to the rolling out of a comprehensive service delivery programme, which has seen it drill over 200 boreholes to provide free water, kick starting the construction of 21 new health facilities and upgrading access roads across the city in recent months.

Sonko denied his opposition to the NMS, insisting that the rumors about his reconsideration of the transfer of deeds from the county government to the NMS were mere propaganda intended to demean his fight to revive the capital city. The troubled Nairobi county boss said he was ready to work with Badi if he is not pushed out of City Hall.

“There is a lot of propaganda going around that I do not want NMS. Please ignore them. I am the one who came to you and asked for help,” said Sonko in his search for solace from the President.

Sonko and Badi agreed to end their feud and work together. “I apologize for all the ill I have spoken about my brother Badi and going forward we will work together. Politicians were intruding into our affairs with their bad politics but now our sole concern is how Nairobi will be developed.” Sonko said.

The easing of water-oil relations between Sonko and Badi comes days after Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi resigned.

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