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The Police Halt Ruto’s Meeting in Nyamira

Local Police at Ruto’s Meetiing Venue in Nyamira: Photo Courtesy

The Deputy President Dr. WIlliam Ruto’s scheduled meeting did not go as planned yesterday October 8, 2020 after the police threw teargas and dispersed the audience.

The DP’s allies have condemned the incident, dropping accusations on interior CS Matiangi after the police allegedly disrupted their fundraiser meeting in Kabirigo, Nyamira County.

Silvanos Osoro, the MP of Magirango barked at Matiangi not to accomplish his desires of being nicknamed as super CS by manipulating the law enforcement unit… “The government resources like helicopter fuel should not be used to intimidate the local Mwananchi,” he said.

MPs Vincent Kaimosi, Joash Nyamoko, and Shadrack Mose seconded the allegations. They also criticized the forceful disruption of the meeting by saying that they finally understood the true meaning of the “handshake”. They extrapolated that the handshake was a motive by few leaders who wanted prominence and to sideline their opposing leader “hustlers and tanga tanga movements are unstoppable and no amount of force and intimidation will shut us down,” honorable Mose added.

The county commissioner Amos was also condemned by involved leaders for “unlawfully” dispatching the police to disrupt the avenue of the supposedly okayed meeting.

Several leaders went ahead, including the deputy president, and took their grievances to different social media platforms stating that they will not allow those who despise them to stop their effort of empowering their fellow hustlers.

 The meeting is set to be held again on Thursday next week and his honorable ‘Mr. Hustler himself has promised to attend.

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