The Human Body: Weird and Wacky Facts

The human body as one knows it is full of wonder and scientists figure something new every year. It is made up of many cells, organs, and as doctors prescribe, one needs good lifestyle to make it function well for long.

The human body

Besides the usual things one knows about the body, here’s a list of weird and wacky facts about the human body. Some might seem gross:

  1. If one lives till age 70, the heart would have beat for around 2.5 million times.
  2. The only muscle in the body that does not tire is the heart.
  3. The tongue is enveloped in about 8,000 taste-buds, each holding up to 100 cells helping one taste foods.
  4. An average nose makes about cupful of nasal mucus every day.
  5. One blinks around 20 times a minute, making it over ten million times a year.
  6. The ears never stop growing.
  7. The human body has 2.5 million sweat pores.
  8. The earwax is a type of sweat.
  9. The body is about 1cm taller in the morning immediately after waking up than when heading to bed. This is due to the soft cartilage which gets squeezed and pressed during the day.
  10. The whole skin surface is restored every month thus equivalent to 1,000 individual skins in your life.

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