CS Education, George Magoha during a press release. (Photo: Courtesy)

The BOM teachers are disappointed across the country after the ministry of education reversed the school funds previously released to schools by the government.

The ministry updated the National Education Management Information (NEMIS) on Thursday morning indicating sh.3, 725 per student and 1 sh per student had been released into schools operation and tuition accounts respectively.

 School heads have so far revealed a great shock in the ears of thirsty teachers on Board that the capitation had been deleted from the system.

Principals are talking without revealing identities for reasons best known to us all, the capitations are no longer showing against any single student in the system, ‘ I had waited for schools bank account to reflect with the figures in the NEMIS, funds are still far in the reach’ says another principal who seemed very disappointed.

The confusion here is; when it was announced, everyone knew that the accounts had been funded, the questions about reversal has disturbed many. The point is, no money had been released to schools, and they were just figures in the student’s capitation system.

‘Nearly all of us waited to visit the banks on Friday, nothing is new in the banks so far,’ a disappointed principal lamented.

‘The government has set aside funds to pay BOM teachers including the non- teaching staff and security men and women for maintenance and safety of schools.’ Said Prof Magoha in his speech. Close to 75000 BOM teachers have not been paid since March when schools were closed due to the pandemic.

Lack of funds in these schools shatters operations and workers are now vulnerable as some workers risk losing their jobs as they cannot be maintained without money.

The KESSHA (Kenya Secondary School Heads Association) chairman Mr. Indimuli confirmed the deletion of funding from the system and said that he is yet to issue the schools with a note on how the money should be spent once they are wired into school accounts.  What shall determine the fate of teachers of BOM is the ministry to credit tuition account, or both, if operations account only is credited then no money for the BOM teachers. It is not yet time to celebrate but the teachers on BOM should hope for the best to find funds to help them through. Let the clarity come when banks are credited fully. Let the whole clarity come when banks are credited fully.

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