The Don: How City Attorney Donald Kipkorir Received a Payout of Sh1.3 Billion

The amount Donald Kipkorir will receive for representing the Nairobi County government against the Ministry of Defence in a case involving the plot of land where Embakasi Barracks is located is expected to reach Sh1.3 billion, making it one of the highest legal fees ever awarded in the history of the nation’s courtroom battles.

Following an almost ten-year legal battle, the Employment and Labour Relations Court decided last week that Mr. Kipkorir should receive Sh1.338 billion as compensation for his representation of the now-defunct municipal council.

The Kenya Defense Forces forcibly seized the 3,000 acres of land, worth Sh61.5 billion, which led to the lawsuit in 2012. But in June of last year, the matter was dropped without Mr. Kipkorir’s input.

Diana Orago, a deputy registrar of the court, decided on the required payment after taking into account the land’s worth, the number of court files and appearances, and other factors.

The county administration objected to the sum because it believed Mr. Kipkorir’s law business, KTK Advocates, had a contract with the city to be paid Sh400 million plus VAT.

However, Ms. Orago disregarded the assertion, claiming there was no evidence the sum had been agreed upon.

It is also regrettable, according to Ms. Orago, that no evidence other than an unsigned letter apparently from the applicant firm has been presented to the court to demonstrate the existence of a retainer agreement between the parties.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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