The Benefits of Cloud Computing in 2021

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Cloud computing has progressively become a mainstay in today’s world. In the last year, the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted a shift in the world of academics with the adoption of e-learning systems in all levels of education. Educators have resulted to use applications like google classroom and Microsoft teams for teaching purposes. Material is also distributed online which has led institutions to store more data online for student access. What are the benefits of cloud computing in e-learning?

Cost Reduction

The cost of ICT infrastructure is high and for most institutions, is beyond their financial reach. Cloud computing has significantly lowered the costs as institutions no longer need to install the infrastructure. Instead, all that is required is to find a suitable host and pay only for the storage that the institution uses. In addition, the institution does not incur maintenance costs in the event of a breakdown as this is catered by the service provider. Cloud computing has saved institutions on cost.

Centralized and Unlimited Data Storage With Recovery

Institutions have been able to coalesce all their data into one centralized pool. The centralization of data has made access easier for the users as compared to when data was stored in different computers. In addition, cloud computing has provided an avenue for institutions to use to back up their data. If a computer breaks down, there is no data loss as all of it has been stored on the cloud. Data management has become easier as a result of cloud computing.

Easy Monitoring

With the use of cloud computing, monitoring how students access the data has been made easier. Educators can check the students who have submitted the work and follow up on those who have not remotely. Students are also able to research from their databases which allows educators to add relevant material.

In summary, cloud computing has revolutionized e-learning while allowing more students and educators access to learning material. Institutions save on infrastructure and maintenance costs. Recovery of data has also been made significantly easier. Cloud computing in e-learning is the way to go with the digitalization of education.

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Written by Barrack Ongwe

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