President Biden trips three times, falls as he boards Air Force One

President Biden made history for Trump supporters following his recent ordeal while boarding the Air Force One as he was heading to Atlanta. President Biden trips three times and falls down while climbing the 25-step staircase. Biden trips and falls while climbing stairs. Video Courtesy According to a video circulating on social

Kenya secretly borrowed Covid-19 loan, U.S. reveals

United States has revealed that Kenya secretly borrowed Ksh139.5 billion loans from Belarusian and Canadian companies to cushion from Covid-19. Kenya secretly borrowed Covid-19 funds According to numerous reports, Kenya signed a secret loan deal in June 2020 with a Belarusian and Canadian company(s). The loan was meant to construct mobile clinics

Detroit: Activist makes sleeping bags out of potato chip bags

An activist in Detroit, United States, has decided to do her good deed for the homeless by making sleeping bags out of used potato chip bags. She hopes the creative and innovative sleeping bags will help the homeless keep warm during the winter period. Eradajere Oleita showing one of her self-made

Biden’s and Harris’ inauguration, memorable moments

Biden’s and Harris’ inauguration was the most memorable to U.S. citizens and the world at large. The event was filed with tight security and the ceremony itself was different from all other inauguration ceremonies. Kamala Harris and Obama double fist bump. Courtesy United States welcomed their president Joe Biden and Vice President

Iraq: Judge Issues arrest warrant for outgoing US President Trump

A judge in Iraq has issued an arrest warrant for Donald Trump. The Baghdad’s investigative court found Trump guilty of murdering an Iraqi paramilitary leader. Trump faces two arrest warrant after he leaves office The paramilitary leader, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, was killed during the assassination of the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in

Joe Biden victorious after US Congress confirmation

Joe Biden has officially been declared victorious by the US Congress. Joe Biden was closely going up against Donald Trump for the Presidential seat. President-elect formally confirmed victorious by US Congress. Courtesy According to Vermont’s three electoral votes counting, Biden and Harris are beyond the 270-threshold required to win the presidency seat. In

Covid-19: Couple dies of virus after receiving a haircut

A couple has died of the deadly coronavirus after deciding to receive a haircut from relative. The couple had done everything to keep themselves safe from the virus but a 40 minute visit to relatives cost them their lives. Couple die after receiving 40-minute haircut. Courtesy Mike and Carol Bruno kept their

Moderna vaccine: US authorizes second vaccine

Moderna vaccine has been approved as the second vaccine by the United States. The vaccine has been approved for emergency use and will be distributed within the US during the weeend. US approves Moderna vaccine for emergency use United States is among the first nation to approve of the Moderna vaccine after