Susan Kikwai: Kericho D.G. succumbs to Covid-19

Susan Kikwai, the Deputy Governor of Kericho County, has succumbed to complications brought about by Covid-19.

Kericho Deputy Governor, Susan Kikwai, succumbs to Covid-19

According to reports, Kikwai was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for nearly 2 weeks.

However, she was released from the hospital on Thursday but her condition got worse on Friday night. Susan Kikwai was rushed to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

Unfortunately, she succumbed to the virus on Saturday morning around 9am.

Kikwai is among the many politicians who have succumbed to the complications that come about from infecting the virus.

Kenyans are currently warned on disregarding the measures put forth by the Ministry of Health in order to avoid getting infected.

Covid-19 vaccine

In addition, the country is currently going on with vaccination procedures as frontline workers i.e. the health workers and police officers get vaccinated. Some of the politicians are also getting vaccinated in order to make the skeptical ones believe in the vaccine.

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