Student caught on CCTV setting dormitory on fire

A student from Friends of Namwela Boys Secondary School, Bungoma County, was caught on CCTV setting one of the dormitories on fire. The Form Two student is currently in police custody awaiting court hearing.

Dormitory set on fire in one of the schools

According to the DCI, detectives from the County retrieved a CCTV footage showing the 18-year-old student sprinkling some petrol on a corner of the dormitory. Afterward, the student dropped a lighter before heading out through a window.

The fire spread fast in the dormitory leaving students’ properties and beddings destroyed. But no student was harmed in the incident.

The Form Two student was placed under police custody after he was caught on CCTV as he awaits a court ruling.

During the month of January, over eight school dormitories have been set on fire causing an alarm among teachers. Similarly, a number of teachers have been harmed by students while a guard in another school was killed by a student.

Investigations on previously burnt dormitories are yet to finalize but police suspect the students caused the random fires that have been happening in the wee hours of the morning.

However, over five students were arrested from Kimulot Boys in Bomet County after their dormitory was set on fire.

Education CS George Magoha, warns the students of their indiscipline saying that those that have been expelled will not be accepted in other schools. Additionally, KNUT Secretary-General says that boarding schools should be phased out while KUPPET says teachers should be provided with guns.

DCI also warns indiscipline students that their behavior will be recorded and reflected in one’s Certificate of Good Conduct.

Dormitories that have so far been damaged by fire include Kituro High School in Baringo Central, Bungoma High School, Timboroa Boys High School, Ndivisi Boys, Bukembe Boys, Kimilili Boys among others.

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