Stress: How to boost mental health naturally

Stress can lead to a number of illnesses if not worked on earlier. Illnesses like cardiovascular diseases, Insomnia, Depression, and many more can result from stress.

To relieve oneself from stress and stress related diseases, there are natural ways one can boost their mental health to lower stress levels.

Stess can cause a number of illnesses

Here are some of natural methods:

Deep breathing

Taking deep breaths rhythmically can do wonders to the brain and therefore suppress stress hormones. When one calms down psychologically, the brainwaves change drastically. Deep breaths can also result in a lower blood pressure, an expert says.

The best type of breathing, according to studies, is ‘cardiac coherence.’ This involves inhaling for a maximum of six seconds and exhaling for another six seconds for short time period. One can as well concentrate on belly breathing by placing the hand on the tummy to feel it move.


The easiest form of relieving stress is exercise. Whether it is walking or jogging, it can go a long way in helping to relieve all the unnecessary tension. Exercise can as well help keep one in good shape and moods.

An exercise like climbing the stairs rather than taking the lift can help one feel much better mentally. Scientists do believe that exercises like walking help in the circulation of blood to the brain. Hence controls stress, motivation, and mood. With a good and positive exercise, the body releases the feel-good hormone, the endorphins. Depression can also be reduced by moderate exercise.

Focus on sleep

Sleep is one of the easiest things to achieve but with stress comes insomnia. This can make sleep seem like the hardest task ever. A good exercise like a walk around the neighborhood can help promote a good night sleep.

Scientists recommend a good 8 hour sleep but a 6 hour sleep can as well go a long way in helping combat stress. Additionally, a good night snooze helps protect the heart, reduce chances of night snacks, and improve brain functionality.

Before heading to bed, avoid bright lights and take a warm bath or shower to signal the brain and body to calm down.

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