Somalia cuts diplomatic ties with Kenya

Somalia has cut all diplomatic ties with Kenya stating that Kenya is constantly interfering with their internal and political affairs.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed. Photo Courtesy

This decision comes days after Somalia President was in Kenya for his three-day state visit.

Osman Abukar Dubbe, the Somalia Minister of Information, made the announcement at around 1:40Am on a State-run Television.

Additionally, Somalia will withdraw all its diplomats from Kenya and is ordering all Kenyan diplomats in their country to leave within seven days.

Mohamed Ali Nur, Somalia’s Foreign Affairs Secretary, has ordered Lucas Tumbo, Kenya’s top diplomat in Mogadishu, to leave the country.

Dubbe, in addition, says that it is formally cutting all ties with Kenya due to the constant interference in their politics. He also says that Kenya always wants to cause problems in their country.

Somalia furthermore states that it is an independent country thus it has rights to make its own decisions just like Kenya.

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