Social media use linked to depression among youths

Social media engagement among many youths worldwide is linked to a significant development of depression within a few weeks of constant use.

Social media is linked to depression among youths

Studies done on a number of youths worldwide showed that when a young adult or youth uses social media as a means of interacting or entertainment, they end up falling into depression.

According to the studies, participants who used more than four hours per day on social media ended up getting depressed within a few weeks. However, participants who spent less than two hours per day on social media less likely developed depression.

The study was done on a demographic basis which included education, gender, age, employment, and income. In addition, the questionnaires involved platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat.

Results of their survey indicate that spending an excessive amount of time on social media does not allow time to achieve personal and professional goals. Additionally, one fails to create an in-person relationship and having time to reflect on oneself.

Similarly, young adults who are often glued to their social media find it hard to feel worthy of themselves as they compare their life to the fancy lifestyles online. Identity development is also an issue to those who are still trying to figure their lives out.

WHO surveys

According to World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. WHO also says that depression accounts for disability in adjusting to life as compared to other mental disorders.

Currently, many people are resolving to find comfort in social media however it is doing more harm than good. Most netizens are focused on being rich and famous like other celebrities while others are body shaming one another. This may henceforth increase the rate of suicide as most do not seek psychological help or counseling. Some find it hard appreciating their current lifestyle.

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