Singer Madini Classic declares, “I’m Ready To Pay Ksh.4M Dowry For Prity Vishy.”

Singer Madini Classic claims to have boosted the damsel’s dowry to 4 million after his supposed relationship with up-and-coming content producer Prity Vishy caused him to become popular online for a few days.
The musician, who has positioned himself as a philanthropist, claimed to be aware of Vishy’s dowry cap of Ksh. 2 million but was still putting in an additional Ksh. 2 million for laughs.

“Izi pekeake izi ni io pesa bro so kama natembea na 2 million kwa shingo, za kumpea tu yaani ni kama sweet to nanunua kwa duka, ata nitaongeza itakua 4 million.” Madini said as he fiddled with an array of bling.

Vishy stated that she would not accept anything less than her 2 million bride price in an interview with Nicholas Kioko in early May.

She added, “You must know your worth; it’s imperative that you define your criteria. My dowry is two million dollars, and I do not want cows.

She didn’t have to wait long, either, as Madini is already feeding from her hand and professes to be fascinated by her beauty and demeanor.

“She’s real na kwa macho yangu she’s so beautiful and napenda bidii yake na pia izo time nimekua naye wajua mimi nasoma mwanamke kwa behaviours zake tukikutana na watu wengi place kuna watu wengi anajua kuji handle na pia anaheshimawajua mwanamke akikuheshimu ni kila kitu.” he said.

Madini was also eager to refute suggestions that their relationship is artificial, asserting that he has just been seeing Vishy for two weeks despite having spoken to her for the previous two months.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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