Shakilla, the teen socialite, is at it again

Shakilla begs for funds

Shakilla is at it again, she takes to Instagram a video of herself begging for funds. The famous teen socialite is known for constant drama with celebrities. She became popular after an Instagram live video with the popular Kenyan blogger Xtian Della.

She is currently begging for funds from her followers. This comes after her incident at Willy Paul’s house. A CCTV camera had revealed her breaking into the apartment of the celebrity. Willy Paul had then called the police and she got arrested.

The famous teen socialite Shakilla

The rising star keeps trying to stay in the spotlight in the name of fame. The sad part is that she is only 19 years old and her life choice is undesirable.

Shakilla made a post this afternoon, as Hello News uncovered, saying how the fees might be too much. She goes ahead to state she shall post an Mpesa pay bill number and hopes followers can send any amount they can afford.

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