Senator Ledama Olekina: “Acheni kuvuana nguo nje!”

Senator Ledama Olekina is advising the president to resign following his remarks on the deputy president William Ruto. Uhuru had earlier told Ruto to resign for inciting Kenyans and his double speaking while conducting his rallies.

Narok Senator

Following, the constant lash of words between the president and the vice president, the two are displaying a wrong picture to the youth and generations to come. The two continue to lash at each other whenever they get a chance leaving the innocent Kenyans to dispute among themselves.

However, Narok Senator Olekina advised the president and his deputy to resign considering the constant shame they are causing whenever they pick the microphone to speak. According to the Senator, the two should stop ‘undressing each other’ in public.

According to his tweet, Olekina stated that “Both of you should resign! Acheni kuvuana nguo nje!”

During the cultural week event, with the students of Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Senator Ledama Olekina advised the youths to avoid being caught up in political wrangles. He says that the youth should not allow politicians to use them for their own selfish gains and that politicians should not speak on their behalf.

Furthermore, he cautioned the students from being divided through politics or through ethnicity caused by politicians.

In another tweet as seen by HELLO NEWS, he said that the stability of the country is at stake considering the political entanglement that has been going on since the year began.

“Not good for the stability of the country! Let’s ignore the bulls fighting! It’s getting Nasty day by day! It is us (Kenyan politicians) who are destroying our nation. Please let us retreat and remember power comes and go! I beseech you!”

On another tweet, he referred to the Ministry of Health following Health CS Mutahi Kagwe’s statement on people donating blood as a Valentine’s Day gift. “Even during Valentine’s Day they want to make money by selling your blood?” he tweeted, questioning his followers.

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