Schools Likely to Reopen in September

Education CS Prof. George Magoha: Photo Courtesy

The topic on when should schools reopen after COVID-19 disruption has been controversial. Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Omore Magoha has been accused of double-speaking in regards to schools reopening date due to his tendency of changing stands on when should students go back to school.

This confusion comes when most parents are overwhelmed with the children staying at home. The number of teenage pregnancy have also risen over this “stay at home” period, with experts warning that the number is likely to rise if schools take long to reopen.

However, the latest reports from the ministry of education suggest that schools may reopen before January, which is contrary to earlier communication.

Prof. Magoha now claims that the government is ready to change the school reopening dates depending on the COVID-19 positivity curve.

The rate of COVID-19 infection has been in the decline over the past week based on the reports issued by MoH.

While speaking from Migori County where he was assessing the preparedness of learning institutions in line with COVID-19 containment measures, Prof. Magoha said that if the numbers of COVID-19 continues to decline and the curve flattens, then the government will adjust the academic calendar to allow children go back o school before 2021.

However, the CS insisted that the government is committed to ensuring maximum safety of the learners while in school, and will only allow the learners to go back to school when they are safe.

Magoha’s remarks were lauded by Migori Governor Okoth Obado, who urged the government to improve infrastructures within the county to enhance the safety of learners when the schools finally reopen.

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Written by Barrack Ongwe

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