Scandal Status on Kazi Mtaani

Female Youth Working on Kazi Mtaani Project/ Photo Courtesy

Permanent Secretary for State Department for Housing and Urban Development Charles Hinga Mwaura has ruled out the possibilities of stealing Kazi Mtaani funds.

The PS was responding to a member of the public who had claimd that another scandal is looming in the Kazi Mtaani project. Rumors bout fraud in Hinga’s doket have spread widely over the past few days.

On this one, it won’t happen. If you find any, I am ready to be hanged at Uhuru Park in broad daylight,” PS Hinga said.

 There have been so many cases of money being stolen as the public call it in other ministries in both county and nation levels with the most recent case being the kemsa fraternity.

.“If you are shocked by corona virus billionaires, wait until you hear the narrative about Kazi Mtaani billionaires. They are the same people but they will have different initials in terms of their billions,” an anonymous citizen told Hello News.

In a quick notice by the PS, Hinga wholeheartedly defended the project saying that the state has already developed mechanisms to prevent any holes that maybe be dug by anyone in that ministry .

We have put some serious safeguard measures to avoid any shenanigans. The EACC has already been invited to investigate allegations of notororius selfish chiefs extorting cash from the youth,” the Ps made the public aware.

The PS had earlier denied accusations of financial irregularities, nepotism, and nonpayment of wages in Kazi Mtaani and as always and termed it politically motivated. Kazi Mtaani was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta on April 25th and piloted it in slums from eight counties targeting unemployed youths as a way to curb crimes that they hold high affinity for.

The National Treasury allocated Sh10 billion to the program, which is now running in all the 47 counties.

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