Sauti Sol’s Bien Declares his Willingness to Undergo A Vasectomy

Bien Aime Baraza, the lead singer for Sauti Sol, has just stated that he is now willing to get a vasectomy once he decides to become a father.

Bien hinted that he would consider the medical procedure on Episode 8 of the boy band’s YouTube “Bald Men Sessions,” where he was joined by content creator Dr. Reign and rugby player-turned-TikTok cooking sensation Dennis Ombachi. Bien’s remarks were made in part due to the fact that in Africa, the responsibility for using contraceptives has been placed on women.

Bien claims that he finds it impossible to leave birth control up to his wife, Chiki Kuruka, and that if given the opportunity, he would embrace family planning by having the surgery, which is primarily seen as a form of permanent birth control.

“A lot of men are not willing to have vasectomies but I am. I’m willing to look into a vasectomy. I’m tired of putting this burden on our chicks. First of all, I know different contraceptives have different side effects,” said Bien on the show which he hosts.

Bien also spoke out about purportedly coming under pressure to father a child after barely an 18-month marriage from a portion of his fan following.

Hata mimi Wakenya wameniangalia odd, I’ve been here for 18 months and haven’t seen you in a while, he remarked.

“I’ve never really had the urge to have children! Since then, it hasn’t affected me much.

Ombachi, a father of two, responded by saying that although having children is one of life’s most difficult experiences for most men, he would never think of doing it differently.

With a girl, all of a sudden, I suddenly feel weak. “Fatherhood has humbled me with a boy that happiness you know because of the machismo chest-thumping,” remarked Ombachi.

Bien concurred, praising Ombachi as a good role model whose parenting techniques he wished to adopt in the future.

“You make a fantastic father, and you make it look like something I would want to do, in my opinion. Even if I don’t yet have children, I find it remarkable to watch you be a father because it seems like you do it naturally “said he.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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