Samia Suluhu Hassan: The lady replacing Magufuli as President

Samia Suluhu Hassan is the lady that will be replacing John Pombe Magufuli following his recent death on March 2021.

Samia Suluhu Hassan to be the next President. Courtesy

Suluhu Hassan is the Vice President of Tanzania and according to the Constitution of Tanzania, the Vice President is expected to take over as President following the death of the current Head of State.

After weeks of questioning on the whereabouts of John Magufuli, the VP finally announced that the President succumbed on Wednesday. Magufuli was constantly in and out of the hospital as he had cardiac issues.

According to her announcement as seen by HELLO NEWS, Magufuli was admitted to a hospital in Tanzania but was released shortly after.

Samia Suluhu Hassan is expected to take over for the remaining years that President Magufuli had left to serve the country. She will break the Presidential record of becoming the first President Lady in East Africa.


Born in Zanzibar on January 27, 1960, Suluhu completed her secondary education studies in the year 1977.

Later on she got appointed in the Ministry of Planning and Development as an office clerk. Suluhu immediately got employment at the World Food Program after graduating in Mzumbe University with diploma in Public Administration.

The VP also graduated with a postgraduate diploma in Economics in the year 1994 in the University of Manchester.

Afterward, she joined politics in 2000 following her election into the Zanzibar House of Representatives; Zanzibar President appointed her as a Cabinet member.

In addition, she attained a Parliamentary position for Makunduchi in 2010 following her 80% votes from members. Jakaya Kikwete, as he served his final term, appointed her as the Minister for State Union Affairs in 2014.

During his campaigns, Magufuli chose her as his running mate in 2015.

After Magufuli won the presidential seat, she made history by becoming the first female VP in Tanzania.

Following the death of the 5th President of Tanzania, she will take over and become the 6th President.


Married to Hafidh Ameir, an ex-agricultural officer, they have been together since 1978 with four children; three sons and a daughter.

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