Ruto’s 2022 Game Plan

Deputy President Dr. William Ruto: Photo Courtesy

Deputy President Dr. William Ruto has developed a new political strategy that would see him victor of the 2022 presidential elections.

Dr. Ruto has plotted to take an outsider show and not involve himself with governmental issues any longer.

His plan seems to be working because whenever a scandal befalls Uhuru’s administration his name is spared from the mess.  

DP. Ruto has also levied his concerns on the handshake. While giving his opinion in regards to the latest scandal at KEMSA, Dr. Ruto claimed that the ODM leader agreed to a ceasefire with the government in order to loot. The DP has also said that Covid-19 funds have been squandered terming the graft as “grand larceny”.

Ruto is part of the Executive and the country’s second-in-command and has elbowed from the heart of power and remained at the periphery in the running of government.

Political analysts now claim that the DP is running away from any Jubilee baggage that may taint his 2022 presidential dream, especially after it became public knowledge that Uhuru will not endorse him for the top job.

Grafts have marked the present administration, unlike the earlier governments. Initially, Dr. Ruto had defended his and Uhuru’s administration in regard to misappropriation of funds claims. However, he seemed to have distanced himself from the government’s approaches to or use of funds if the latest of his tweet is anything to go by.

“At least for once it won’t be possible to be blamed for what someone said “started in Wuhan as a virus, landed in Italy as a pandemic and now in Kenya as a multi-billion-shilling corruption enterprise”. Let me continue as a spectator. It’s ok,” he tweeted last week

Ruto’s approach has also been supported by Soy Member of Parliament Caleb Kositany, the DP’s de facto spokesperson on political issues. According to Kositany, Kenyans will no longer blame the DP for any graft that occurs in the government.

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