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Russia Promises a Covid-19 Free World in Less than a Week

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia

About 20 million cases and counting, barely 12.2 million recoveries and over 735,000 deaths; Coronavirus has posed more fear to the global space than its predecessor SARS had. However, there could be light at the end of the tunnel if Putin’s promises go through.

The world at large has waited in silence as worldly leaders, civilians watch in amazement, and doctors and scientists struggle to save the world from the novel coronavirus. However, the Russian capital Moscow has attracted the attention of the world today following the promising speech issued by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the President of Russia.

Russia will probably set a new record this week for being the first country to offer a “sustainable immunity” against COVID-19.

Full of confidence and with vigor, President Putin walked towards the press on the morning of today August 11, 2020 and said, “This morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the new coronavirus was registered.”  “One of my daughters had this vaccine. I think in this sense, she took part in the experiment,” he continued.

The Russian efforts come barely a week after such rescue claims had been registered in the US. Key members of the G7 seem to be competing yet a giant, but this time for the benefit of the world.   

Russia has been working tirelessly hard, both day and night, to develop and be the first country to come up with coronavirus vaccine. The country’s efforts could soon pay if their newly registered vaccine yield fruits. According to President Putin, the vaccine has a high success rate. He has already ordered mass production of the vaccine within the week.

Russia has been cautioned in the past against such efforts. In the last week’s briefing, World Health Organization (WHO) urged the countries, which are making efforts to develop coronavirus vaccine, to follow the WHO guideline to ensure maximum safety. 

COVID-19’s effects have transpired across various sectors. Experts say that the existing damage is already harmful enough to jeopardize the world’s future health, economy, and sociopolitical makeup.

Further economic impacts of the coronavirus will pose long-term implications on health, wellbeing, and poverty. As a result, Russian efforts have been received with desperation and most economically stable countries such as the US, France, Japan, Brazil, and the UK, praying that this weakness becomes the end of the deadly disease promised by Putin.

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