Roots Party Summons Justina Wamae For A Disciplinary Hearing

A disciplinary hearing has been scheduled for Justina Wamae, the Kenyan Roots party’s deputy presidential candidate, for misrepresenting the organization during the just-concluded elections.
According to a statement prepared by Roots Party legal director Washika Wachira, Justina will reply to allegations that she has made conflicting and hostile statements against the party in both traditional media and social media.

Wachira claimed that Justina had consistently distorted the party’s and the party leader’s viewpoints, including the assertion that Prof. Wajackoyah had supported Raila Odinga’s candidacy for Azimio la Umoja.

Additionally, he cited a tweet from Justina from August 19 in which she praised the newly elected president William Ruto and criticized the Roots party, writing, in part, “Saying that votes were stolen is simply preposterous when I see some parties like Roots Party, who as a member I can confidently say we were disorganized in regards to agents mobilizations.”

Wachira went on to state that Justina’s disregard for the manifesto and constitution of the Roots Party resulted in “public scorn and disrepute” for the political group.

Additionally, he accused Justina of abandoning the group and joining up with their rivals.

“It is in our knowledge that you have continuously disassociated yourself with the party and its ideologies. You have associated yourself with out opponents and advocated for their ideologies,” wrote Wachira.

Now, Justina must show up at the party headquarters on Friday, August 26 for the disciplinary session.

She has been advised to stop speaking on the party’s behalf in the interim, and failing to do so will result in legal action being launched against her.

“We have instructions from the party leader to demand that you cease and desist from speaking, uttering, or purporting to speak on behalf of the Roots Party of Kenya,” noted Wachira.
“Failure to stop the misrepresentation and irresponsible utterances, we have instructions to institute a legal action against you without further notice, to you, to your peril as to cost and consequences.”

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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