Revealed: Why there is Tension between India and China

Chinese Military Officers (Left) and Indian Officers (Right): Photo Courtesy

Tensions ensued between India and China on Monday after India accused China of trying to seize territory along and across their Himalayan border that has sparked scuffles.

Pulling of necks between the two nations is just two months after heightened hand-to-hand combat between their troops that left nearly 25 Indian soldiers dead.

India pointed an accusing finger on China of seeking to cross their unofficial border in the Ladakh region late Saturday, while Beijing said that Indian troops tried their own mission on Monday, both sides saying they were determined to defend their territory.

Hostility between the nuclear-armed neighbors is now at the helms since they fought a border war in 1962.

The two countries have sent tens of thousands of troops, backed by tanks and fighter jets, to the region since the brutal June 15 battle fought with wooden clubs and fists in which China suffered an undisclosed number of casualties.

Diplomatic and military talks have brought little to the table apparently the major cause of the latest showdown. “Chinese carried out a provocative military movement to change the status quo”, India’s defense ministry said on Monday while China’s People’s Liberation Army regional command said in a statement that India was “seriously violating China’s territorial sovereignty” with its operation staged Monday and demanded that Indian troops withdraw.

The PLA statement said Indian forces engaged in “open provocation and caused the border situation to become tense.” It said China was taking “necessary counter-measures”.

Residents of Leh, the main city in Ladakh, uttered that the main road to the conflict zone was again closed amid a new surge of military convoys to the border.

Amid calls for boycotts of Chinese goods, India has stepped up economic pressure on China since the June battle and repeatedly warned that relations would suffer unless its troops pull back.

India has put a stop on at least 49 Chinese owned-apps, including the TikTok video platform, freezing and blocking Chinese firms out of contracts, India’s 5G mobile phone upgrade, and held up Chinese goods at customs posts.

China has complained about the action and warned that Indian consumers will suffer.

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