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Revealed: Why more men suffer from COVID-19 than women

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The COVID-19 positivity trend has been marked with controversies. Most people ask and others share unjustified opinions about why COVID-19 affects more men compared to women.

The country’s COVID-19 tally was 34,057 on Sunday, August 30, 2020, after 263 people from a sample of 4,424 samples. This brings the total positive cases load to 34,057. 

The trend appeared consistent; the number of men who contracted the disease was still higher (180) compared to women (83). The Sunday results fueled the study geared towards finding why more men suffer from COVID-19 compared to women.

However, the first study to look at the immune response to coronavirus by sex has exposed a clue revealing that men produce a weaker immune response to the virus than women do.

Findings reveal that men, particularly those aged above 60, may need to depend more on vaccines to protect them against the infection.

Women are less likely to contact COVID-19 because their bodies produce more T cells, which can kill virus-infected cells and stop the infection from spreading to any other part of the body.

On the other hand, men tend to have extremely low activation of T cells. T-Cells also become weaker as individuals ages.

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