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Revealed: JKUAT students charged

Two JKUAT students have been charged with hacking a back. They have been accused of stealing Sh24.4 million. They hacked into a local bank’s system and made an effort to move another Sh190.7 million.

The IT students were charged with conspiring to rob NCBA bank of over 190.7 million and stealing Sh24.4 million. Antony Mwangi Ngige, aged 23, and Ann Wambui Nyoike, aged 21, were prosecuted before the Magistrate Carolyne Muthoni Njagi, over the offences committed. Ngige and Nyoike denied the charges before the Magistrate at Milimani Law Courts.

The prosecution stated the two students, among others who were yet to be caught, conspired to defraud the NCBA bank. From sermons at the court, Ngige had made an alert to the bank via Twitter. He stated on Twitter that he discovered a system issue that he discovered through the MCNA’s mobile app.

Ngige’s and Njagi’s lawyer made a statement in court saying it was Ngige who informed the bank authorities about the issue with their system.

The defence argues that Antony Mwangi Ngige is a whistleblower who is now a suspect in the case.

The summons

Their lawyer went ahead to explain that Ngige took it upon himself to send a short text message to the bank about the issue. This comes after the bank did not reply to his urgent Tweet. Following the short text message that he had sent, NCBA’s bank manager called upon him. He did present himself and again was to present himself before the court.

Ngige’s and Njagi’s lawyer urged the Magistrate to release the suspects on a reasonable cash bail of Sh100, 000. He went ahead to state the cash bail would be reasonable since they were students and would not be able to raise any amount higher than the Sh100, 000.

Antony Mwangi Ngige, aged 23, and Ann Wambui Nyoike, aged 21, at the Milimani Law Court

The prosecuting counsel, Winnie Moraa did not oppose to their release on bond. She asked the court to consider the amount the students were about to steal and should therefore impose strict measures.

The Magistrate, Carolyne Muthoni Njagi, said bail is a constitutional right for each suspect. And went ahead stating the accused should deposit a bond of Sh2 million with similar amount or they deposit a cash bail of Sh500, 000 each.

Njagi finished the court proceeding by directing that the case be mention on Nov 10, 2020 for pre-trial directions.

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