Revealed: Diamond made Sh1.2 million per minute at the Raila Event.

Diamond and Zari Hassan were busy organizing a lavish birthday party in South Africa for their daughter Princess Tiffah, who turned six on August 6, when a phone came through.

He was needed to perform at Mr Odinga’s last campaign rally ahead of the elections the very same day.

Even though the Tanzanian hot minute performance at a fully packed Moi Stadium in Kasarani left a number of Kenyan artists unimpressed, particularly rapper Juliani, Diamond couldn’t care less.

Without breaking any sweat, the Waah! hitmaker made the most of it.

Diamond made millions in arguably one of his briefest performances ever before taking off for South Africa to honor his daughter before the haters started.

The musician supported Raila Odinga at the final Azimio event, when he performed for around 10 minutes and was paid $100,000, according to a later report by Nation (Sh11.9 million).

In a final effort to win over many young people as Mr. Odinga makes his fifth bid for the presidency of Kenya, Diamond’s performance at Azimio’s final campaign event was intended to be a surprise.

Prior to being approached three weeks ago and having a talk, the singer was not involved in the planning for the previous event.

Nation is aware that negotiations have begun, and given the fact that it is a political season in the nation with politicians spending millions on their campaigns, Diamond knew full well that he would profit. He did this while supporting Mr. Odinga’s close ally, the late Tanzanian President John Maghufuli.

As a result, he had to increase his rate card from the $70,000 (Ksh8.2 million) for an hour concert that he typically charges outside of Tanzania. After some protracted negotiations, a fee of $100,000 was decided upon, and a contract was signed.

The negotiations are claimed to have been greatly aided by the outgoing governor of Mombasa, Ali Hassan Joho.

“Kindly this is off the record, but the conversation to have Diamond perform at Raila’s rally had been in the pipeline for three weeks. The performance was actually sponsored by a tycoon in Tanzania, I am not sure if the tycoon is a businessman or a politician but clearly it seems it’s someone well known to Azimio’s principals. However, what I’m sure of is that Diamond was paid $100,000 for the Kasarani performance,” a source privy to the plans disclosed to Nation.Africa.

The musician announced on his Instagram account on Thursday that he will be playing in Kenya on Saturday. The singer will begin a series of performances across Europe and Africa on August 20.

Many Kenyans on social media were divided on where he would be performing between Azimio’s and Kenya Kwanza rally, which was held at Nyayo Stadium in Nairobi on the same day, because he withheld many facts, allowing opportunity for speculation. Others questioned if he would perform at a formal event.

But it’s unclear if the businessman also paid for Diamond’s private flight into the nation and returned to South Africa.

Diamond was demanding $70,000 for a performance outside of Tanzania as of July 2021 and $50,000 for performances within of Bongo. Sallam SK, his manager and business partner, revealed the information in an interview with Wasafi TV.

Sallam added that in addition to the cost of the singer’s travel on a private plane and accommodations in a five-star hotel, the event organizers must also pay for his meals.

Before and after Raila’s speech, Diamond Platnumz performed at Karasani in two performances, both energetic.

He opened by singing his 2019 single “Baba Lao,” which he had slightly modified to include appreciation for Odinga and his running mate Martha Karua.

Additionally, he made a brief speech in support of Azimio’s lead singer.

After Mr. Odinga finished speaking, Diamond came back on stage where he was joined by other Azimio leaders and Mama Ida Odinga. He then performed briefly once more before boarding a chopper to travel to South Africa.

Juliani, who was upset, called the performance “distasteful,” and comedian Eric Omondi once more utilized the occasion to call Kenyan performers lazy.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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