Relief as maize flour prices go down

Ugali lovers get to enjoy January in peace as price for maize flour for some brands go below Ksh105.

Kenyan maize flour

The fall of the prices come after low demand in maize flour by consumers hence a pile up of unsold stocks in the factories.

Some of the major brands that have reduced their prices include Jogoo, Soko, and Pembe. Currently, their prices stand at Ksh99 for Jogoo flour, Ksh103 for Soko flour, and Ksh101 for Pembe flour.

According to chairperson of United Grain Millers Association, Ken Nyagah, the demand for these major brands is worse than it was months ago when the pandemic begun. Nyagah also says that consumers are opting for maize flour from posho mills which is affordable.

Flour price reduction comes as a means to encourage consumers to buy their brands as it is now affordable to the common Kenyan.

Similarly, the flour prices begun dropping in October as harvesting was ongoing in the North Rift part of Kenya.

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