Police Spokesperson Charles Owino prefers officers with C plain, C- & D+

Police Spokesperson Charles Owino says it is better to employ police officers who have KCSE grades between C plain and D+.

Police Spokesperson Charles Owino

During an interview with Citizen TV, Charles Owino said that employing people who have grades C+ and above is challenging. This is because they further their studies once they are employed then they come back to ask for promotions.

To explain his concerns, Owino says the National Police Service (NPS) can only have one corporal and one inspector in every nine police officers.

“For every 9 police officers, we may only have one corporal and one inspector…so you cannot promote everyone to those levels,” Owino explained.

According to him, the NPS should get officers that have KCSE grades between C plain and D+. The officers will work at their levels for a longer time period which will in turn put them in consideration for promotion.

He further added that intelligence is not shown on one’s grades but on how one is intelligent. Police Spokesperson Charles Owino, also adds that there’s more to being a police officer than just the grades that one has. Furthermore, he explains that being a police officer is a practical job thus one’s education will not do the work.

“You come in with good education, you pocket and don’t do your work, it’s not your education that will do your work, you must be practical, and you must earn your promotions fairly.”

Police bribes

Briefly, he cautioned Kenyans against bribing the officers saying that corruption starts with them. In addition, officers earn less salary therefore most of them get tempted to accept bribes when offered.

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